Himalayan Singing Bowls

Himalayan Singing Bowls are of seven different metals that are hand hammered and are all tuned to different musical notes to correspond with energy centers in the body called chakras. They are of the very highest quality and made with love for those needing this healing. Each chakra corresponds to musical notes and that is why we respond to music and vibrational healing the bowls provide. As I rub or strike the bowls with a mallet, they make a singing sound with the vibration they emit. The vibration of the bowls is very powerful, relaxing and healing. At the end of the session you should be very relaxed and this allows your body to heal. When you are happy you let go of negative feelings and energy. Negativity causes acidity in your body and this causes your body to not feel optimally well.  There are options for sessions with the bowls; healing session, relaxation therapy, warm water therapy, clearing the chakras, emotional release, serenity protocol, and deep healing while rubbing two bowls at once. This is so relaxing you don't want to miss out on this one!